• develops original software for realtime graphics elaboration, audio/video signal processing. 
  • projects original hardware devices based on microcontrollers and SBC (Single Board Computers) 
  • develops software with near-zero-latency and responsive interactivity for artists' and performers' live use
  • programming languages: C++, C, OpenGL, Java
  • programming frameworks: Qt, openFrameworks, TouchDesigner


CAMSERVER is a software for managing streams from webcams. 
CAMSERVER was developed because we needed to use video streams from webcams all over the world in live performances, and manage audio and video independently. 
CAMSERVER is a kind of audio-video director that allows alternating audio-video sources to be redirected to other software to be processed in real time. 
CAMSERVER was developed in C++ using VLCLib and can be controlled via OSC.

CAMSERVER had been used for:

SCHNITT ​| Vivirlo Todo 
audio/video performance for JCDecaux
Premios Eficacia 2022 | Teatro Real | Madrid | Spain

audio/video performance for INASPETTATE CONNESIONI by Alessandro Garofalo
Festival Oriente Occidente 2022 | Rovereto - Italy

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