ACT Festival​​ 2022 | courtesy of ACC | pho​to by Kim Sarah     



SCANAUDIENCE is a site-specific live audio/video performance based on the realtime scanning of the audience. 
The project developed by Gianluca Sibaldi and the duo SCHNITT (Marco Monfardini and Amelie Duchow) uses a specially by the artists developed electronic device: a scanner able to "read" any object, architecture or living being in its formal elements, translating the object's outer and inner dimension in sound and video images.  

A bar of light is the primary tool in this operation of realtime scanning, overpassing in several sequences the audience, analyzing the characteristics related to people’s body shape, height, clothing color and material. The software developed by the artists is based on computer vision algorithms and a special kind of neural network to generate both visual and audible results.  

The scanning process develops with a sequence of slow vertical and horizontal scannings, memorizing the basic data informations, continuing with detail and intense scanning sequences, the beamed light passes through the audience.  Contemporarily a network of softwares processes the recaptured light elaborating the scanned data in realtime generating a new visual and audible restitution. 

live at ACT FESTIVAL 2022
Gwangju | South Korea | 03 Nov 2022

courtes​y of ACC | pho​tos by Kim Sarah

live at MUTEK Montreal 2022
Montreal | Canada | 26 Aug 2022

courtesy of MUTEK | footage + photos by Yann Manuel