pho​to by LEV Matadero_@estudio_perplejo    



White Balance ist the new audio/video live perfomance by SCHNITT.  In this project the artists apply the photographic white balance process to the interaction of audio and video. 

The white balance, in photography, is defined as the operation that allows to correctly interpret the light of the scene. In this project the white becomes the medium by crossing the minimal art of "white images" by Robert Ryman examining the potential effects of reception and perception of the „non“ color  white . 

With extreme audiovisual abstraction SCHNITT researches for essential spaces purified of any 'superfluous' element, with a process of progressive subtraction the duo explores the  boundary between the real and the imaginary until the threshold of nowhere. 

live at L.E.V. FESTIVAL Matadero 2022
Madrid | Spain | 22 Set 2022

pho​to by LEV Matadero_@estudio_perplejo